KT Holdings

KT Holdings Tenant Information

We welcome you into your new home and trust that your time renting with us will be a pleasant and memorable experience. For your information we have detailed below certain things you may find valuable throughout your tenancy and recommend safe keeping of this document in the case of any emergency.
If your rental is not an all-inclusive package it is your responsibility, where applicable, to have the  electricity, cable, internet and telephone connected in your name and to finalize the account when you vacate. To change the hydro into your name please call 1-866-978-2746 for assistance or you can complete the form via internet at www.westario.com   For phone, cable and internet you can contact Bruce Telecom at www.brucetelecom.com or at 519-368-2000 or Rogers
This document is as important as your lease agreement as it establishes the properties condition at the start of your tenancy.   Please check it carefully at the start of your tenancy and return it signed within 3 days of your tenancy commencing. Please feel free to make any amendments or notations that we may have not noticed on your inspection.
The lease agreement and condition report are legal documents so please ensure that you keep them in a safe place.
Your rent is due on the first day of each month.  If you are at any stage experiencing difficulty making the rent by its due date, we request that you call the property manager prior to the due date to explain this so that the landlord can be informed to avoid them receiving penalties for late payments.
It is required that all tenants have insurance coverage on their own contents in a rented premise. It is not the landlord’s responsibility and nor is it covered under their building policy.
We endeavor to inspect each property on a regular basis. Should you wish for us to inspect the property outside our scheduled visit, please call us, we will be only too happy to accommodate.
The landlord has approved the tenancy in your name. If a new tenant wants to occupy the property, their application must be similarly approved. Ensure that these procedures are strictly adhered to.
It is your sole responsibility if locked out for any costs incurred for a locksmith to assist in you gaining entry.   If you require another key they can be ordered from Brandt Security in Listowel either by phone 519-291-6213 or email Sabrina@brandtsecurity.ca   The recent cost for a key is $15 + Shipping $15 + HST $3.90 = $33.90. The cost is subject to change.
It you vacate during the term of your agreement you will break the lease. As per your lease agreement you are responsible for any loss of rental until a new tenant is found and all fees incurred by the property manager in relation to the reletting and any advertising costs incurred. Please contact the property manager if you require a more detailed schedule of the fees involved
Please advise the property manager in writing of any maintenance issues that you may request or wish to notify the landlord of. Please go online to www.lakehuronrentals.ca and complete the tenant repair request form or you can call 519-396-1909.
Our office offers several different ways of rental payments
Auto Withdrawal
E Transfer
Post-dated Cheque
At the 746/750 Queen Street locations you are responsible to BAG all garbage and put all bags in the dumpster shared with the Bruce Steakhouse.  There is a gate located on the far right at the back of the Bruce Kitchen entrance directly behind the restaurant.  There is a green bin in the parking lot which is for cardboard only.
Recycling - you are responsible to set out your recycling.  There is a second dumpster for recycling only located in the same area as the garbage bin behind the Bruce Steakhouse.  Please ensure you use the correct dumpster for each.  You can obtain additional details regarding the recycling program by calling  519-797-5557 or on the internet at www.brucerecycling.com
At the 468 Queen Street location your garbage day is Wednesday.  Please ensure your garbage is at the curb by 8:00 a.m..   The municipality of Kincardine requires that all bags be tagged.  These tags can be purchased at most grocery and convenience stores.  You can obtain additional information regarding garbage removal at www.kincardine.net or call 519-396-3468. 
Your recycling is every other Tuesday and should be out by 8:00 a.m. as well.  You can obtain details regarding the recycling program by calling  519-797-5557 or on the internet at www.brucerecycling.com
Most of all the problems experienced by tenants, landlords and property managers can be overcome by prompt and professional and honest communication. It is the tenant’s main responsibility to keep the property clean and to meet their financial obligations. It is the landlord’s major responsibility to ensure the property is maintained and the tenant has a peaceful environment. It is the responsibility of the property manager to oversee the whole process. This can only be achieved if we all play our part so please remember we are here to help you, but only can if you help us.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing a KT Holdings building and we sincerely hope that you find your new home comfortable and enjoyable.  We hope that the move went smoothly for all and that everything is getting settled quickly and comfortably.