Self Storage

Self Storage Units

Are you downsizing from your home to an apartment or are you building a new home and need temporary storage space. We provide self-storage solutions for your home, office and cottage in the Kincardine area. Store your furniture, family mementos, office equipment, seasonal items, record keeping documents and more. Even when the office is closed you can always get access to your storage units 24/7. Choose one of our affordable storage units for your long or short term needs.

- Access 7 days a week/24 hours per day
- Climate controlled units available
- No Deposit/No Additional Fees
- Short term or long term storage available
- Conveniently located close to your home or place of business
- Friendly, professional service in your own community
- A cost effective way to securely store your personal belongings
- Safe and simple storage giving you peace of mind


Helpful Storage Suggestions

- If you will be storing any appliances you should make sure that they are clean and empty of all items. Freezers and fridges should have been defrosted and your washing machine should be empty of any water

- You should choose sturdy boxes. Remember to use small boxes for heavy items for easy lifting. Fill the boxes completely making it less likely that items will move around in the box and prevent a box being crushed when stacking them. Please do not overfill boxes as they are more difficult to stack when they are bulging.

- You should always use boxes to pack and avoid using plastic bags. A sealed plastic bag will trap moisture resulting in possible damaging mildew. The use of Rubbermaid bins is a great alternative as they are moisture proof containers and great for stacking.

- You should mark all your boxes identifying the content in each.

Cloth Items and Carpeting
- You should avoid storing any clothing items in plastic bags unless they are the vacuum sealed type.

- You should ensure that all your cloth items are clean and they should not contain starch as starch has been known to attract pests

- To save space it is better to disassemble furniture as much as is possible. Use a sealed plastic bag to put all nuts, bolts and hardware in and tape it to the piece of furniture. Separate lamp shades from lamp and wrap them for protection.

- You can gain storage space by standing some large items on their ends, like a sofa

- You should consider protecting furniture and mattresses with furniture cover and placing fabric softener sheets to keep them smelling fresh

- You should consider treating any wood furniture with a polish to help keep the wood better

- If you are storing vacuums etc. please ensure the bags are empty to prevent any possible mold or bacterias from forming while in storage

Fragile Items
- You should prop the appliance doors open and put in a box of baking soda to help keep them dry

- You can even store some smaller items inside appliances to save on storage unit space

- If you are placing any fragile items in boxes please make sure the boxes are clearly marked on all sides to prevent breakage

- You should try to wrap all fragile items. Bubble wrap is good for this. Fragile items can be placed inside other boxes, dresser drawers, etc. to help keep them safe

- When it comes to mirrors you should never store them flat. They should always be stored vertically and wrapped. Here too bubble wrap is good for this

- If you will be storing photos and moments you might want to place them between cardboard to help protect them

Miscellaneous Suggestions
- Avoid using printed newspapers to wrap items as the ink may smudge and get on your items

- Make sure all batteries have been removed from electronic items before storing them

- It is recommended to wipe all your metal objects, such as tools, bicycles, etc., with machine oil as this will prevent rust from forming

- You should try to pack all your books flat in the box as this will prevent damage to the spines

- You should purge your items before storing them making sure you are only storing items you will be reusing

- If there is something you may need to access make sure it is packed in the front of the locker or you have left space to access it

- It is best if you use plastic, wood pallets or drop cloths to keep your furniture and personal items off concrete floors

- For better ventilation you should leave a couple of inches between your boxed items and the unit walls

- You need to obtain contents insurance for your items while they are in the storage locker

- Never store any flammable items such as gas cans, propane tanks, cleaners, paint, paint thinners or aerosol cans. If you are storing any equipment such as lawn mowers etc. that use fuel you need to ensure that the fuel tanks are empty

- You should not store any living plants

- It is prohibited to store any fireworks, explosives, weapons or ammunitions as they can become unstable and catch fire

- You should never store any food items

- You should never store any garbage/waste items as they will create foul odours and attract pests

- You should check your unit once a month

- You should use a high quality lock on your unit

- You should never share the facility access codes with anyone